Woman complains about ‘noisy’ Metropolitan Police helicopter, gets abused off Twitter

Woman complains about 'noisy' police helicopter, gets abused off Twitter
Police were searching for a stab victim and possible gunmen (Picture: @MPSinthesky/Twitter)

An impetuous Twitter user who complained about a Met Police helicopter unit keeping her awake at night received so much online abuse that she closed her account.

After hearing the noise of a helicopter above her house in the early hours of the morning, @ausentana tweeted the Metropolitan police saying:

‘Why are u flying over east London at 2am? It’s completely unnecessary to b that noisy at this time. I doubt you can see anything!’

– @ausentana June 28, 2014

And the MPS Helicopters account replied – but with a full stop before the tweet, meaning it was broadcast to all 91,000 of their followers.

1The user was then subjected to a merciless barrage of abuse from other social media users.




In the wake of the comments @ausetana closed her Twitter account.

The Met police told Buzzfeed that perhaps ‘they decided that social media was not for them’.

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Source: metro.co.uk

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