Woman from Narón, Spain, bitten on bottom by snake hiding in toilet

It appears that even on the toilet you're not safe from snakes any more
The snake (actual snake not pictured) has not been seen since the attack (Picture: Phil Noble/PA)

A woman has been released from hospital after receiving a snake bite on her bottom while using the toilet.

Iris Castroverde, 30, was using the toilet when she heard some odd splashing in the bowl, followed up with a stinging bite on her backside.

As she leapt to her feet and flushed the toilet, the mother of two caught a glimpse of a 20cm long green and yellow snake disappearing down the drain.

In a daze of fear and pain Ms Castoverde, from the Spanish town of Narón, managed to get to hospital, where she was treated and discharged.

She told Spain’s ABC newspaper: ‘It happened to me, but it could have happened to my two children.’

Snakes seem determined to invade the sacred space of the lavatory. A Singaporean woman was bitten on her leg by a snake she found in her loo.

But nothing could be worse than the man in Ghana who was bitten on his penis by a snake while using a public restroom.


25 May 2014 | 5:47 pm – Source: metro.co.uk

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