Woman Wang Xiaobei pulls a fully loaded car along using only her teeth in China

The words ‘pulling teeth’ usually conjure up fairly unpleasant images in people’s minds, but what about ‘teeth pulling’?

Well from now on that phrase will be closely linked with Wang Xiaobei, who pulled a car loaded with people along using only her teeth – also she’s 81!

The pensioner, from eastern China, showed off her incredible ability in the Chinese equivalent of Britain’s Got Talent, called Amazing Chinese.

On the show she said: ‘I have a healthy body and healthy mind and I don’t think there’s any difference between how I feel now and how I felt when I was younger.’

She then proceeded to bite down on a rope connected to a one-tonne car containing her friend, grandson and his wife, and drag it along the floor in front of the stunned audience.

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Woman, 81, pulls a fully loaded car along using only her teeth
Nerves (and gums) of steel (Picture: CEN)

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It took Xiaobei just 38 seconds to move the car two metres, and the crowd loved her for it.

One shocked viewer said: ‘It was amazing to watch. I thought her teeth would fly out, but they didn’t and she even seemed to be doing a little dance as the crowd clapped.’

However despite her unusual talents, Xiaobei will now have to think of a way to impress the judges for a second time, as she was invited back for round two of the televised competition.

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4 March 2015 | 8:51 pm – Source: metro.co.uk


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