Wonder Woman’s movie costume revealed (Wired UK)

Wonder Gal
Wonder Gal

Gadot’s first full costume appearance as Wonder Woman.

2014 Warner Bros

The first official shot of Gal Gadot as DC
Comics’ premiere female superhero Wonder Woman has been revealed,
giving fans their first hint of how the character will look on the
big screen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Like Henry Cavill’s Superman costume in Man of Steel,
it’s noteworthy how dark Gadot’s outfit is, although the volcanic
CGI background doesn’t help. The costume also manages to evoke the
traditional comics costume without being (too) exploitative in the
flesh. We’re not convinced of the merits of wedge heels to fight
evil in, though. If anything, with the dulled leather armour, it
looks closer to the outfit worn by another Grecian superheroine, Xena, rather than the
brighter costume seen in the comics or the iconic TV
starring Lynda Carter.

Lynda Carter
Lynda Carter

1975 TV series remains the iconic representation of Wonder Woman
for many fans

© Warner Bros. Television

However, Wonder Woman was recently revamped in the comics as
part of the New
52 reboot
, with her classic origin – sculpted from clay, given
life by the Greek gods, and raised on an island of peaceful but
fierce Amazons – abandoned for one where she’s the daughter of Zeus
and raised on an island of savage warriors who rape and murder
sailors to keep their population up. You probably don’t want to
know what they do with the male children.

She’s also gone from having Ares, the god of war, as her chief
enemy to one of her few allies, eventually taking up his position
in the pantheon. The more war-like backstory looks more likely to
factor into the movie version of the character, given Gadot is seen
brandishing a rather large sword and looking like she’s about to
single-handedly take on a legion. Or perhaps just start a bar

Whichever version informs the character in the movie, Gadot
certainly looks the part, conveying a sense of strength and power
in the promo shot that has always been integral to Wonder Woman.
Let’s just hope the rapey-murder Amazons background is ignored as
Warners tries to re-introduce the character to the mainstream.

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26 July 2014 | 6:56 pm – Source: wired.co.uk

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