Wonderful news! London’s railings – crazily scrapped during the war – are returning – Telegraph Blogs

A model of the railings that will return to St James’s Square (Author’s photo)

It was one of the maddest decisions of the Second World War – to rip up London’s handsome Georgian railings and recycle them for the war effort. They turned out to be largely useless for munitions manufacture and ended up as scrap.

The beautiful railings around St James’s Square – the first square in the West End – ended up in the North Sea. They were a tragic loss, not least since they were designed in 1817 by John Nash, the king of Regency architecture, who designed Regent’s Park, Regent Street and Buckingham Palace.

Now the enlightened trustees of the St James’s Square Trust are planning to return the railings with their charming urns. The original stylish Portland stone base will return, too. They will replace the functional, dreary railings installed in 1974.

Here’s hoping the pattern will be copied across the capital – and London will regain some of its pre-war magic.


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Source: telegraph.co.uk

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