Workshare reveals Professional 9 data-stripping enterprise app

Workshare announces Professional 9, its latest document-sharing tool

Workshare has re-mastered its enterprise document-sharing tool DeltaView to create Professional 9, a collaboration tool with the ability to prevent sensitive information from being accidentally released.

At its core, Professional 9 enables users, particularly those in the legal sector, to securely review and edit documents from desktop, webmail or mobile devices.

Professional 9 allows users based in different locations to work on the same document without having multiple and conflicting versions.

Another new feature that differentiates Professional 9 from its predecessor is the ability to “accept or reject” the changes made to a document within the tool, bypassing the need to jump between multiple applications.

Dave Ewart senior director of product marketing at Workshare told V3 that Professional 9 builds upon the “redline” editing and track changes feature found in DeltaView, by improving how feedback is communicated between a document’s creator and the reviewer.

Ewart said that this functionality meets the “tremendous amount of requirements to make very accurate changes to a document and clearly communicate them.”

Professional 9 also integrates into Workshare’s Connect application, which provides an online work environment where file-sharing and synchronising content can be carried out in a secure fashion across a range of devices.

Another key function of Professional 9 is the ability to detect and remove sensitive data from documents to prevent the loss of valuable corporate information.

In practice, this feature prevents secured content from being accidentally emailed to an external source, removing some of the human error that can blight digital communication.

Ewart told V3 that this feature is what separates Professional 9 from rival collaboration tools that may only offer data encryption. “When we talk to our customers in regulated industries secured encryption is not enough. Having data control is what differentiates our services from those of rivals,” said Ewart.

Workshare is not the only company updating and pushing business collaboration and document-sharing tools.

In July V3 spoke to Dropbox, which outlined how it was developing Dropbox for Business by adding more security and additional file-sharing features.

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