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A tiny bike clip that screws onto just about any surface can securely hold your bicycle up against the wall and out of your way, saving you space and keeping your home uncluttered.

If you’re a cyclist living in a small space, finding a secure and tidy way to store your bike inside, without taking up a lot of room, can go a long way toward keeping your place neat and clean. And if you have more than one bicycle, or live in a house with other cyclists, the problem of storage gets compounded with every bike.

© ClugThe Clug, which is described as being like “a hug… for your bike,” aims to provide a simple yet elegant solution to bicycle storage, by clipping the front (or rear) tire to the wall and holding it upright and out of the way. The device securely grips the tire for storage, using just friction (no moving parts) and then releases it with a simple tug on the bike, making it quick and easy to use.

Once the Clug is installed (which is as easy as drilling two holes, inserting anchors, and screwing it to the wall), the device is small enough to be virtually unnoticeable when it’s not being used, and yet your bike is just a quick clip away from being mounted on the wall at any time. Multiple Clugs can be mounted next to each other for storing your whole fleet of bicycles, and could be a great option for offices with a number of bike commuters. If you can’t (or don’t want to) drill holes in your wall, the Clug can be used with picture hanging strips, which will stick it to the wall without the need for any drilling or mess.

The device isn’t meant to hang bikes completely off the ground, but is instead designed to securely hold them upright while one wheel is supported on the floor, so it does still require having some open floor space below the Clug, although much less than if the bike was simply leaning against the wall. Alternatively, the clip can be mounted near the floor, and used to hold the bike upright in its normal riding position, which could be a great way to display your favorite two-wheeler.

The Clug is made in three different versions, so you can have one for your road bike, one for your hybrid/street bike, and one for your mountain bike, and will come in a variety of colors to match your bike or your home decor. The device also comes in a clever little box, which not only has a drilling template to make installation a breeze, but is also designed to use the box as a dust collector during drilling.

© Clug
The team behind the Clug, Hurdler Studios, just finished a very successful crowdfunding campaign (which offered backers the option of receiving the 3D printing files to use for printing their own Clug), and is now accepting signups for those who want to know when they can put in their orders for the devices.

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