Writhing woman pinned to the ground as priests perform exorcism

A woman apparently possessed by evil spirits has had an exorcism performed on her on camera.

The 22-year-old woman, identified only as Laura, writhes on the ground and bangs her head on the floor while being restrained by two women.

The footage from Argentina shows Bishop Manuel Acuna, 52, ordering the demon to leave her body.

She screams ‘no, no’ and calls one of the women holding her down a whore.

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Ever wondered what an exorcism looks like? Here it is
The woman, known only as Laura, has demons forced out of her

Bishops told people who had gathered at the Lutheran Charismatic Church in Buenos Aries: ‘The demon exists. He’s not an idea, he’s not a theory, he’s not something abstract.

‘The devil is a personality and therefore has a strategy. We are talking about something terrifying, a fallen angel.

‘The devil is not a metaphor. The devil is something real that Jesus Christ faced.

‘The devil looks for the perdition of the human being and for this he will use any possible evil instrument.’

The exorcism comes to an end as she suddenly gives a strangled cry and then suddenly closes her eyes and falls backwards exhausted, wiping away tears as the priest once again makes the sign of the cross over her body.

Bishop Acuna said: ‘Thank God, we’ve recovered a daughter of God. You haven’t seen a major exorcism.

‘This was a group of demons similar to the ones that Jesus faced. Her delivery is God’s gift for us today.’

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25 March 2015 | 7:48 am – Source: metro.co.uk


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