Xbox One price cut to £329 in line with PS4 (Wired UK)

Xbox One


Microsoft is slowly shedding the Xbox One’s undesirable qualities as a £30 price
drop in the UK puts it on equal footing with main rival Sony’s PlayStation 4

The new £329.99 price tag for the now Kinect-less Xbox One appeared at the end of Forza
‘s latest trailer
, though an official announcement is
still forthcoming from Microsoft.

Amazon has updated its prices in line with
the Microsoft Store, and is currently offering a bundle including
the unreleased Sunset Overdrive (and a sparkly white Xbox
One) for the same price.

The price point now sits lower than Sony’s PlayStation 4 RRP,
however many stores are listing the more popular console at lower
prices to take advantage of the constant demand. In latest sales
figures, the PS4 was put at more than a million sales in the UK
with the recent release of Destiny boosting ownership by
300 percent and helping the PS4 outsell Xbox One by 2:1 in the last

Perhaps this reactionary measure can entice some players into
picking up Microsoft’s console, especially with some hefty
exclusive deals recently announced — such as the Tomb
sequel for next year.

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