Yelp’s iOS app lets you add video clips to reviews (Wired UK)


Yelp has updated its iOS app with a feature that allows users to
augment any reviews they leave of hotels, restaurants or bars with
video clips lasting between three and 12 seconds.

The clips will allow users to show off aspects of the experience
beyond those that can be captured in photos — elements like
ambiance, lighting and noise level. Yelp describes the feature as
providing “an extension of the visual experience”, rather than it
being a separate video review. Basically it doesn’t matter if you
can’t edit or if your footage is all wonky, the idea is that it
supplements your photos and description to give others the
opportunity to see if the atmosphere of a place is really for them.
“It’s actually more helpful to see what a real-life consumer
experience looks like without fancy editing or narration,” says Yelp in a blog post.

This is a smart move by Yelp, which has found that users already
spend 2.5 times as long looking at businesses with pictures.
Presuming people take advantage of the ability to post clips, this
is likely to increase again. Given that 23,000 photos are uploaded
by users every day from their mobile apps to the service, it’s a
pretty safe bet that people will also want to upload mini video

Videos are shot from within the app, which limits the clips to
12 seconds. This has the double benefit of forcing people to be
succinct and not putting them off if they have never posted a video
on the internet before.

Yelp Video is available today on the iOS app
and is “coming soon” to Android.

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