Yolie Ball’s Florida real estate listing photos have gone viral

An elderly woman has gone viral after posting a series of photos of her home for a real estate listing – with her in them.

In a bid to help her parents sell the home they had lived in for 12 years, Yolie and Don Ball’s daughter Sandra encouraged her 86-year-old mother to pose in some of the photos of the house.

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This elderly woman's real estate listing photos have gone viral
Yolie was featured in the photos at her daughter’s advice (Picture: @asapmakky/ Twitter)

The resulting photos feature Yolie peeking around a door, having a cup of tea and reading a magazine and were quickly posted to Twitter by her granddaughter Makenzie, who, like all grandchildren, found her grandparent’s antics hysterical.

‘I thought the pictures of my grandma were hilarious and I wanted to share,’ she told ABC News.

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Yolie Ball poses in photos to help sell her Florida home. Credit: @asapmakky/ Twitter
The photo series garnered 27,000 retweets (Picture: @asapmakky/ Twitter)

‘I didn’t expect them to get so popular. I thought like 40 retweets from my friends, MAX.’

She got 27,000 retweets.

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Yolie Ball poses in photos to help sell her Florida home. Credit: @asapmakky/ Twitter
Twitter users loved this one (Picture: @asapmakky/ Twitter)

Twitter users were particularly fond of Yolie peeking around the door.

Now all she has to do is sell the house.

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1 April 2015 | 10:46 am – Source: metro.co.uk


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