You can now send your dead pet remains to the Moon (Wired UK)

Celestis Pets

Saying goodbye to a beloved furry friend is something all pet
owners must come to terms with eventually. There are ways that you
can go about it though, and some may help ease the pain of the
sorry situation better than others.

Celestis Pets is a
new service hoping to do that. Describing itself as the world’s
first pet memorial spaceflight company, Celestis will launch an
engraved flight capsule containing approximately one gram of the
cremated remains of your pet, or a lock of its hair, into outer
space on a mission of your choice.

Remember the bit in the Lion King when Rafiki shows
Simba that all the former kings are all in the stars? Well the idea
is that this will allow you to do a similar thing. “Look up to the
stars to connect with your pet no matter where you are,” says the
blurb on the website.

Celestis has been running memorial spaceflights since 1995, and
since then has launched 12 trips, each sending human remains into
space. This is the first time Celestis, or any company, is offering
to do the same for pets. “A memorial spaceflight is a unique and
compelling way to honour your best friend and do something truly
unforgettable,” says the site, pointing out that we will soon be
able to travel into space and that when we do, our pets will be
there waiting for us.

There are a range of packages bereaved pet owners can choose
from. Cheapest of these is the Earth Rise service, which will set
you back $995 (£740) and will mean that your pet makes the trip
into space, but also returns in tact. If you want the remains to
remain in orbit around the Earth, you’ll have to pay $4,995
(£3,700) for the privilege. The most expensive packages at $12,500
(£9,300) however, allow you to either have your pet left on the
Moon or blasted into deep space.

As a customer, you in return will receive a certificate
confirming that, yes, your pet did actually go into space on a
particular date and in a particular launch vehicle. The next launch
is scheduled for this autumn and if you reserve your slot before 7
August, you get a 20 percent discount.

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