You don’t care that David Cameron may have engaged in #piggate ‘debauchery’, poll reveals

You don't care that David Cameron may have engaged in pig 'debauchery', poll reveals
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The majority of us don’t care about Cameron’s alleged pig antics, a YouGov poll has revealed.

If you’re not aware of #PigGate by now, you’ve obviously been no where near the internet today.

The news went viral after extracts from Lord Ashcroft’s unauthorised biography of David Cameron, Call me Dave, were released.

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Part of it alleges the PM engaged in a sexual act with a pig to gain access into a club at Oxford University.

But the poll reveals 62 per cent of us think it couldn’t matter less.

Only one in four people say it’s a legitimate public interest story.

(Picture: YouGov)
(Picture: YouGov)

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