Young boy at a Texas Rangers baseball game woos girl with the smoothest play of the game by handing her a foul ball which turned out to be fake

This young man displayed an advanced level of flirting at a recent professional baseball game in Texas.

The boy, sitting in the first row, is the lucky recipient of an errant baseball after a player tosses him the keepsake from the field.

In an act as selfless as it is romantic, the young lothario then gifts the ball to a lucky lady sitting a few rows behind him.

Young fan makes the smoothest play of the game
The young fan hands the girl the fake ball (Picture: MLB)

However, a closer inspection reveals the boy’s sleight of hand. As he goes to remove the ball from his glove, he’s seen to already be holding another baseball. He gives this fraudulent ball to the girl and keeps the one the pro tossed him.

The unwitting girl and her friends swoon, and the crowd marvel at the young man’s charm.

Who knows how many hearts he’ll break in the years to come?

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