Youtube video show kids’ bemusement at 1970s computer

If you already feel old, prepare to feel even older.

This eye-opening video shows youngsters grapple with a computer from the late 1970s – and reveals just how fast technology has progressed.

The kids, who are normally seen clutching a mobile phone or tablet, are met with bemusement when plonked in front of the ancient monitor.

‘I don’t get it, and I don’t get the 1970s,’ says one child. Another tries to turn the computer on by talking to it.

Reactions range from ‘that’s mind blowing!’ to ‘why does it have to make so much noise’.

Kid vs old computer... computer wins
Youngster struggles to get computer to work (Picture: YouTube)

The video was posted on YouTube by TheFineBros and got more one million views in just one day.

Typing in the word ‘Google’ will not make the internet work… there is no internet (Picture YouTube)

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